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Referral Policy

Let's be responsible.

  • We follow multiple level referral benefit system. You are benefitted to earn free spins up to 5-levels.
  • Kindly check income calculator to understand benefit awareded at each level.
  • You can share your referral link with friends, family & collegues to build your referral team. We expect you to share your referral link only to the people you know. Because you are responsible for any act of mis-conduct by your direct downline member.
  • You are not allowed to SPAM your referral link by mass mailing, sending random WhatsApp messages, bulk SMS to unknown numbers or spam posting on any social network sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.) or on any adult website. If found guilty, your access to BitFortune.Club will be blocked and all balance will be forfeited instantaneously without notice.
  • Your name will be fetched as visitor's referrer from your referral link for that session only and it will not be stored in any cookie for future retrieval.
  • You can shrink your referral link using link shrinking services like services so you can do analysis.
  • Referrals to your referral link will only be monitored. Re-direct to any other link will not fetch any desired results.
  • Having referred a member does not makes you a boss. Hence contact your team member only to guide them and not to force them.
  • Be the first to raise concern to us if you see any irregularities under your your referral team.
  • If you do not sign in atleast once for a period of 365 days in a stretch then your acccount balance will become zero and you will loose all your referral team.
If there is any suggestion or any feedback, we will be more than happy to hear you instanly through our telegram contact point.

Our Mission

Our main vision is to empower avid internet users turn their online use into free earning opportunity and help as many people as possible so they can change their lives by taking advantage of our platform.

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